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Center Estimates Waste & Fraud in Rhode Island be as High as $185 Million

The release by the Chafee Administration of a redacted report on waste and fraud in Rhode Island’s human services programs failed to provide the total taxpayer dollars discovered by Ken Block’s Simpatico software firm that were spent on illegal or other inappropriate activity; instead the report was limited to examples of impropriety and generalities of […]

Zero.Zero 2012

ELIMINATE THE STATE SALES TAX TO CREATE JOBS: The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity proposes the elimination of Rhode Island’s sales tax as a means of high-impact economic development. Our RI-STAMP economic model suggests that the loss in state revenue would not be as large as static projections might suggest and would be well worth the boon to Rhode Islanders across the state.

“Get Government Out of the Way”: a free-market solution for the RI economy

To revive the Ocean State’s failing economy and to restore prosperity to our citizens, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity recommends that we re-embrace free-enterprise principles and tear down the legislative barriers to success that have been erected over recent decades. The Political Class does not get it … but citizens do: 83% of attendees at a recent public forum see government as an obstacle to economic development.

October 11 Press Conference

Press Conference: October 11, 2012; 11:45 AM; Legion Bowl and Billiards; 661 Park Ave, Cranston, RI “Get Government Out of the Way” A Free-Market Approach to Improve RI’s Economy Media Information The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity will present a free-market public policy approach as the most effective approach to improve the Ocean State’s economy. A […]

RIVotes.com now live! Transparency to hold your Legislator Accountable

HOW DID YOUR LEGISLATOR VOTE? Search bills by multiple criteria, create your own “scorecard”, sign up for automated email notifications, participate in online forums, and more. In order to protect our free and democratic society, citizens must remain well informed about what their government is doing and must hold their legislators accountable for how they vote … RIVotes.com lets you become more involved in our democratic process.

Medial Release: First Annual General Assembly Freedom Index

A Legislative Scorecard for Rhode Islanders View all information about the Freedom Index here … FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 20, 2012 The non-partisan Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity published today its first annual General Assembly Freedom Index, which ranks Ocean State lawmakers on their level of support of principles of freedom during the 2012 […]