Take action against the TCI Gas Tax![defaultcontent] It is not a sin to drive our cars and trucks![/defaultcontent][mcatu] Our way of life is under attack![/mcatu][mcate] Seniors can’t afford another tax![/mcate]

TCI advocates say they will turn the screws on “bad guy” [defaultcontent]drivers[/defaultcontent][mcate]seniors[/mcate][mcatu]low-income Rhode Islanders[/mcatu] for using their cars. ACT NOW!

By signing this action, you will be informing Governor Dan McKee and legislative leaders that you strongly oppose the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) gas tax, which is purposefully designed to increase costs on your family or business.

Dear Governor McKee and General Assembly Leaders:

I am writing to express my opposition to the Transportation & Climate Initiative also know as the TCI Gas Tax. After all we’ve been through in the past year, hard-working Rhode Islanders should not be punished for driving to work, taking our kids to school, shopping, visiting loved ones, or delivering products and business services. 

Governor McKee, for many years, you have expressed support for our state’s small business community … and this issue provides you with the ideal opportunity to prove that you place the interests of job-producers ahead of the agenda of the far-left. The anti-jobs, anti-growth and negative economic impacts that would be caused by TCI, would make Rhode Island’s last place state business climate even worse. 

Therefore, I join with the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity in respectfully calling for you to take executive action to withdraw our Ocean State from the Regional TCI Compact Memorandum of Understanding that former Governor Raimondo signed us up for. 

General Assembly leaders: I call on you not to advance any TCI Gas Tax legislation, especially during these difficult times when Rhode Islanders are struggling to recover from the pandemic. Of special concern is that TCI will disproportionately harm low-income families.

Along with the 7 in 10 Ocean Staters, per a January public poll, who oppose TCI once they learn of its high cost; 

      • I oppose the TCI gas tax scheme, designed to make gasoline prices so high that I will be forced to drive less, and so that gasoline will “go away.”
      • I am not willing to pay major new gas taxes at the pump and for increased prices of vehicle delivered goods, estimated to cost the average family up to an extra $1200 per year, especially when there is virtually no environmental benefit.

Please cancel this TCI Gas Tax scheme – do not give Americans another reason not to live and work in Rhode Island! Thank you.

NOTE: When you submit this action, an email will automatically be sent to the Governor’ office and to multiple legislative leaders, which will include your first name and city; it is your option whether or not to include your last name and email address as well. You will then be directed to a new page asking you to share this action on social media. We need to increase the number of people seeing this important action, so we encourage you to share this page on social media. Thank you.