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Decades of Liberal Policies Not Advancing Equal Opportunity

Many Rhode Islanders are losing the opportunity for upward mobility due to the state’s non-competitive business climate, while the well-connected inside few continue to receive special benefits.

The poor grades received by the State of Rhode Island on this report card is one of the clearest pieces of evidence of the damage being done by the status quo. These unacceptable grades should be a wake-up call to lawmakers that a government-centric approach is not producing the social justice and self-sufficiency that Rhode Islanders crave.

We must learn to trust in our people and remove the tax and regulatory boot of government off of their backs by advancing policies that empower the average family with choices, that reward work, and that grow the economy.

Burdened with public policies that discourage work and a productive lifestyle, the state’s poor grades in the 10 major categories evaluated (two F’s, seven D’s, and one C) reflect a government culture geared to benefit special interest insiders, while at the same time promoting job-crushing and soul-crushing dependency among the general populace.

The two categories with F grades are Infrastructure and Health Care; the seven D’s are Business Climate, Tax Burden, Spending & Debt, Employment & Income, Energy, Public Sector labor, and Living & Retirement in Rhode Island; while Education received a C-. Among the 52 sub-categories evaluated, Rhode Island received 19 F’s, 24 D’s, 5 Cs, 3 Bs, and just one lone A.

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