Only via the voices and actions of thousands of Rhode Islanders can we preserve parental rights and protect our freedoms from those who seek to control our lives. Become involved with one of our coalition partners by clicking the link below … or scroll down to see action steps you can take today.


Enough. It’s time to defend parental rights in education! By signing this action, education officials will be informed that you will hold them accountable if they do not put students first and do not respect the rights of parents when it comes to the education and healthcare of our children. #ParentsUnitedRI is a grassroots movement of mothers, fathers, concerned citizens, and groups across Rhode Island … who are banding together to preserve the rights of parents when it comes to their children’s well-being.

Doc Skoly is standing up for all of us ... will you stand with him?

Dr. Stephen Skoly, chairman of our Center, has been practicing oral surgery in Rhode Island for over three decades.  The health and safety of his patients has never been compromised. His naturally-acquired immunity, along with universal precautions, means patients are just as safe under his care as they are with any other doctor who may be vaccinated. Yet the RI Department of Health has forced Doc Skoly to shut down his practice because he will not bend-the-knee to their un-scientific vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.


From unjustified school and bus mask mandates, vaccination passports, political mailers to young students, inappropriate sex-education materials, radical gender and social equity concepts and, now, to the divisive poison of inculcating our kids with critical race theory principles … parental rights are under assault. Public schools are being transformed into a political tool of the far-left and other special interest groups.

Ask Lawmakers To #SaveOurSchoolsRI And Pass Unifying Legislation

We are calling on our state lawmakers to reconsider a version of House Bill 6070 which was heard in committee in March, but then tabled. In passing legislation that would effectively prohibit the teaching of divisive race- or gender-based guilt concepts at the state and local level, our elected officials would spare us from countless hours of public acrimony at future school committee meetings in town after town across Rhode Island


By signing this action, you will be informing government officials that you strongly oppose the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) gas tax, which is purposefully designed to increase costs of gasoline on families and businesses. Take action now to stop this regressive new tax from driving more families and businesses out of the Ocean State.

RISEUP RI: End Mandatory Testing For High School Sports

After you submit this form, an email containing the language on this page will be sent to state and local officials and the RI Interscholastic League. By signing this petition, we inform district and state decision makers that we oppose mandatory asymptomatic COVID testing as a prerequisite for participation in high school sports and events.

Contact The Barrington Town Council On The BLM Flag

The Barrington Town Council is deciding if they should fly a BLM Flag on their Veteran’s Memorial. Keep politics off the pole, contact them by email to say that the veterans space should be only for honoring those who have served. Stop the progressives from doing even more to divide our country today!


The Flanders Legal Center for Freedom and the Stephen Hopkins Center for Civil Rights are partnering to provide free and reduced cost legal representation to Rhode Islanders whose constitutional rights are violated by government. We welcome all inquiries, but due to the large number of inquiries submitted, we are not always able to respond to each one.

Petition for COVID Transparency

Now that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the importance of Ct values, it is even more critical that you take action! In early December, Florida became the first state to begin collecting this data. In more fully and accurately reporting Rhode Island’s coronavirus testing results, our state can establish itself as a national leader when it comes to testing transparency.

Election Integrity Petition

Free and fair elections are under assault in our state. We must unite behind a common-sense election process that everyone will have faith in It is vital to restore trust among all of the people of Rhode Island when it comes to the integrity of our elections. It should be the goal to make it easy to vote, but hard to cheat.



Politically correct group-think – led by radical-left extremists – has become a dangerous tsunami of protests, riots, private property destruction, and an unyielding cancel culture. Here in RI, the cancel culture has infected the Department of Human Services (DHS)! A state worker and mother, Laura Larivee, is being aggressively persecuted by the government for her harmless non-workplace statements.