Center launches PSA campaign

PSA Campaign Encourages Workers to Re-Enter the Workforce Despite High Unemployment Benefits

Providence, RI As the Ocean State begins the re-opening of its economy, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity today launched a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign, encouraging workers to re-join the workforce, instead of collecting unemployment benefits. 

The PSA campaign is themed on the iconic war era “Victory Garden” and “Uncle Sam Wants You” concepts. The Center expects radio-spots to begin running on-air this week.

“Your state needs you. It is vital for every employer and worker .. and consumer … possible to re-engage in commerce in order to help our state recover economically from this pandemic,” advised the Center’s CEO, Mike Stenhouse. “If your former or prospective employer is authorized to offer work to you, it is vital that you help re-build our state economy.”

Flooded with calls from employers who are unable to re-hire or hire workers laid-off because of the corona-virus crisis, it is clear that, for many, the recently approved federal unemployment benefits, in combination with state unemployment benefits, has created a disincentive to return to the workforce. 

The Center believes it is the patriotic duty of every Rhode Islander to do what they can to restore prosperity to our state, even if that might mean forgoing overly-generous government aid, a condition that could persist through much of the summer. 

For each person who returns to work, in addition to helping rebuild GDP and state and federal revenues through employee and employer taxes, the state can save paying-out unemployment benefits. “Also, at the individual level, working is a soul-fulfilling act,” added Stenhouse.

The Center’s PSA campaign will consist of recordings for radio, pre-taped by Stenhouse, along with a social media push. 

The Center has created a 0:15 second and a 0:30 second radio spot, the audio files of which can be made available to interested media entities, with the following content:

0:15. This is Mike Stenhouse with the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity encouraging you to plant your own Victory Garden by re-joining the workforce as soon and as safely as you can. Every employer and worker is needed to grow-back a prosperous Ocean State economy.

0:30. This is Mike Stenhouse with the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity encouraging you to do your part in helping our state win the war against this pandemic by planting your own Victory Garden … by returning the workforce as soon as you can … and to practice safe-health protocols. While it may seem attractive to collect unemployment for a while, your state needs you now: Every employer and every worker is necessary to grow-back a prosperous and healthy Ocean State economy.

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