Rhode Island will weather the Coronavirus crisis. We must hold true to the core American values that were the basis for the founding of our nation.

CEO Mike Stenhouse: My Message Of Hope During This Coronavirus Crisis

During these times that “try men’s and women’s souls” and that are causing such upheaval in our lives, we are all left to wonder how we will cope. I pray for your health and for the safety of everyone in your family. 

May I also offer why I am personally hopeful and confident that America and Rhode Island will weather the Coronavirus crisis. In our hearts and minds, we must hold true to the core American values that were the basis for the founding of our nation and for its unprecedented prosperity … our true north. 

I have often publicly stated that the divisiveness we are currently experiencing in our country is fundamentally due to a growing lack of faith in our country and a lack of trust in God. But for those of us who do share these values, like you and me, I believe we can find great solace. 

I personally have great trust … because of America’s capitalistic society and the remarkable strength of our economy before the Coronavirus crisis … that despite any financial pain we are feeling now, and may feel for some time to come, that our economy will rebound very quickly and will minimize the long-term negative effects.

For me, my faith in knowing that millions of people of God have joined with me in praying for our world, has been highly comforting in believing that my family and loved ones will end up OK.

But we all know that many, many others will indeed suffer – health-wise and economically. That is why today I am encouraging you to be generous with other credible charitable organizations that offer direct assistance to those in need of medical and financial assistance. Americans are the most charitable people in the world, and it is this noble virtue that will help the most needy of our neighbors to weather the storm.

I ask you to join me in keeping the faith with our core values and in proactively seeking to help our sisters and brothers in distress.

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