Stenhouse to speak at Roger Williams Univ. class; will promote 1st Amendment Institute

RWU Professor Practices Intellectual Diversity-
University Supporter Floats Concept for Free-Speech Institute

Providence, RI – The CEO of the conservative think-tank, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity, Mike Stenhouse, will speak at a Roger Williams Universitypolitical-science class this afternoon, taught by Professor June Speakman, as part of her long-time effort to provide alternative views on various political topics. 

“I commend the professor for encouraging civil discourse by presenting her class with a diversity of philosophical and intellectual viewpoints,” said Stenhouse. “I also commend DeWolf Fulton, who has a dream of forming a 1st-Amendment Institute on the campus, to further promote civil free-speech. If successful, his bold idea could set a new national trend.”

Fulton, whose family provided the land for the Fulton Campus at Roger Williams University, has recently been working to build support for a 1st-Amendment Institute that he hopes will be erected on recently acquired land by the university. 

Speakman, a member of the faculty of Roger Williams’ Department of Politics, is also the House Representative for the towns of Warren and Bristol in the Rhode Island General Assembly

Stenhouse will address the topic of interest groups in American politics at Speakman’s political-science class of approximately 30 students. Fulton is expected to monitor the class.

Given the recent history of uncivil political discourse in our state and across our country, especially on college campuses, the Center applauds both Prof. Speakman and Mr. Fulton for advancing the concept of open, honest, and rigorous discussion on the important issues of our time … which happens to be a core objective of our Center.

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