Center Announces Election of Dr. Stephen Skoly as Chairman

Dr. Skoly, well-known state advocate, assumes Chairmanship

Providence, RI — The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity announced today that Dr. Stephen Skoly was selected in July by its Board of Directors to become Chairman of the organization following the resignation of its former Chairman, Mike Riley, who stepped-down to pursue his candidacy for state Treasurer.

Skoly, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, is well known among many lawmakers for his research and testimony over the years on many legislative issues, especially pertaining to healthcare policy. Skoly joined the Center’s board in late 2017.

“For years I have been impressed with the great work of the Center. I value the importance of this organization in providing an alternative voice to the entrenched status quo. I look forward to growing the Center to become an even more influential organization in our state,” said Skoly, who also produces independent films and documentaries, some of which are currently available on Netflix. “Rhode Island is positioned historically and geographically to produce far better outcomes for our residents than we are currently experiencing. As recent federal reforms have proven, if more families are to lead more independent and prosperous lives, the Center’s free-enterprise policy ideas must receive more serious attention from lawmakers.”

Skoly has also pledged to help lead the Center’s goal to raise awareness among public employees about their restored First-Amendment rights following the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ‘Janus’ decision in June. “Public employees deserve to know their rights; and we have already seen that unions and their government allies will not adequately inform them,” added Skoly.

Skoly’s production company was responsible for creating the popular “Sea Rhode Island” video ad, created at a fraction of the cost, as an alternative to the State’s “Cooler-Warmer” debacle.

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