State net neutrality legislation would result in Rhode Island consumers being left fewer choices, higher prices, and deteriorating service. The Center has named Net Neutrality proposals the Progressive Bad Bills Of The Week.

NEW VIDEO: “Net Neutrality” legislation named the Progressive Bad Bill of the Week

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 20, 2018

Progressive Net Neutrality Bills Seek to Remedy Problems that Don’t Exist

Government control over the Internet would lead to fewer choices and higher prices for Internet users

Providence, RI — The legislative onslaught by progressive-Democrats against free-markets continues. This time, they are pushing for government control of yet another important aspect of the lives of Rhode Islanders – the Internet – via new proposed “net neutrality” mandates. State net neutrality laws would result in Rhode Island consumers being left fewer choices, higher prices, and deteriorating service. The Center predicts, if passed, this legislation could also trigger costly “interstate commerce” lawsuits.

Tabbed as the “Progressive Land of Make Believe Bad Bill of the Weekin a new post by the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity, two related bills, S2008 and H7422, would put unnecessary regulations on Internet Service Providers in Rhode Island.

In the real world, free-market forces, not overly burdensome government regulations, are the best way to ensure ISPs do not harm consumers and do not engage in anticompetitive behavior.

Rhode Islanders need a credible alternative to the status quo and its destructive progressive ideas. You can help.

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The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity is the Ocean State’s leading voice against the wreckage caused by our state’s progressive agenda.

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While progressives value government-centric, taxpayer-funded dependency… our Center believes in the value of hard work and the free-enterprise system.

We understand that in order for more Rhode Island families to have a better quality of life, that more and better businesses are needed to create more and better jobs.

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“The proper role of state and federal governments should be to deter fraud, enforce contracts, and arbitrate disputes. Clear, consistent, and limited government maximizes innovation and competition,” said the Center’s CEO, Mike Stenhouse. “Reliable internet access encourages and accelerates economic growth and development. New government mandates will likely lead to costly litigation because the internet is inherently interstate commerce.”

Stenhouse’s new Youtube interview with Katie McAuliffe of Americans for Tax Reform, led by Grover Norquist, can also be viewed on the post.

The bills, sponsored by Senators Jeanine Calkin and Gayle Goldin, and Representatives Aaron Regunberg and Deb Ruggiero among others, would reimpose unnecessary regulations on Internet Service Providers in Rhode Island, in response to the federal government’s repeal of similar regulations in 2017. The bills would also prohibit state and local governments from purchasing any broadband or internet service from any service provider who does not comply with now defunct federal net neutrality principles.

Other Bad Bills: An interactive table of other progressive bad bill candidates, as well as posts and video commentary on previously tabbed “progressive bad bills of the week” can be found at

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