Statement on BREXIT Vote for Freedom


A great day for Freedom as BREXIT Vote Rejects Regional & Global Governance
People want sovereignty instead of #RhodeMapRI type central-government planning advocated by the EU, HUD and Brookings

Providence, RI — Symbolic of its fight against regional governance and federal intrusion into state and local affairs, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity today applauds the British people for voting to re-establish their national sovereignty and to depart the European Union.

Drawing parallels between the RhodeMap RI scheme and the more recent Brookings Institution plan, the Center urges the lawmakers and the people of Rhode Island to similarly reject the concept of a centrally-planned, regional bureaucracy that will infringe on the authority of locally elected governments.

“We must have faith in the capacity of free and sovereign Rhode Islanders – on our own – to restore prosperity for our families and businesses,” commented Mike Stenhouse, CEO for the Center, as a warning against those who seek to devolve Rhode Island into a dependent appendage to the Boston economy or to some other form or regional governance. “This is a great day for freedom.”

With dismal 48th place rankings on both the national Family Prosperity Index and the Jobs & Opportunity Index, the Center argues that the continuation of big-government corporate-welfare strategies promoted by the Raimondo administration, and partially adopted by the General Assembly, are detrimental to free-market economic growth and job creation.

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