Employee Freedom Week 2015

Did you know it is National Employee Freedom Week? National Employee Freedom Week (NEFW) is a nationwide campaign to let employees know that they have the freedom to opt-out of their union. We want every employee to make the decision about union representation that’s best for him or her. In the Ocean State, the special interests have dominated our state’s public policy culture leading to Rhode Island’s poor national rankings. The time has come to change the status quo in the Ocean State.


Polling has found that 1 in 3 of Rhode Island union households don’t know that they can opt-out of union membership and stop paying at least a portion of their union dues without losing their job or any other penalty.

From poor service to union leaders being prosecuted for embezzling millions of their dues dollars, many union members are tired of funding organizations that don’t meet their needs.  

You can learn more about NEFW here!

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