Milton Friedman Legacy Day Celebration 2015!

The Center is joining with other across the country to honor the life and legacy of the esteemed economist Milton Friedman!

To celebrate, the Center participated in an event at Rocky Point State Park to introduce hundreds of Rhode Islanders to the idea of School Choice. We told real families about the most promising education reform in the Ocean State and around the country. More and more families are learning that Bright Today scholarships will mean a more accountable and effective school system for every single child. Every child, no matter their zip code, deserves access to an education of their parent’s choice. School Choice moves dollars and decision-making closer to the student.

In the words of Friedman, “Our goal is to have a system in which every family in the U.S. will be able to choose for itself the school to which its children go. We are far from that ultimate result. If we had that – a system of free choice – we would also have a system of competition, innovation, which would change the character of education.”

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