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October 22, 2013, Warwick, RI – last evening at the RI Taxpayer Association meeting in Warwick, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity announced additional poll results from its September public opinion survey about likely-voter attitudes towards a Constitutional Convention, which will be decided on ballot Question-3 this November. The results show three-to-one support in to in favor of a convention and also show that arguments in support of a convention poll significantly stronger than arguments against a convention. Highlights of the recently released results, show that likely-voters:

  • By a 63% – 21% margin, favor a convention
  • By a 74% – 11% margin, see a convention as a means to bypass the traditional legislative process and have their independent voices heard
  • By a 67% – 16% margin, favor tax and spending restraints (such as a line-item-veto and no more 38-Studios type bonds)
  • By a 68% – 16% margin, believe that a convention would give voters a more direct say in their democracy

Previously released poll highlights can be seen below.

October 9, 2014; East Providence, RI  – The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity released figures from its recently commissioned poll at a lunch forum this afternoon at the Squantum Association in East Providence. Based on the results the Center recommends that voters “approve” RI ballot Question #3 to convene a Constitutional Convention.

At the forum, which featured nationally renowned anti-tax crusader, Grover Norquist, and former RI gubernatorial candidate, Ken Block, the Center released portions of a public opinion poll it commissioned last month.
The poll of over 500 likely voters was conducted by Communication Concepts of Easton, PA. It demonstrates the deep skepticism that Rhode Islanders feel towards their state government. In summary, Rhode Islanders believe …

  • Overwhelmingly that RI is on the wrong track (70%-17%)
  • Overwhelmingly that Economy/Jobs is the state’s most important problem (59%)
  • Overwhelmingly that that our political leadership is not adequately addressing our state’s problems (77%-12%)
  • Overwhelmingly that RI government is more geared towards special interest groups than towards the people (79%-11%)

“Voters are angry and are fed up with special interest politics,” observed Mike Stenhouse, CEO for the Center. “They see a Convention as a legitimate and needed avenue for their voices to be heard. With Rhode Islaners this obviously incensed and hungry for a solution, our Center recommends that voters approve Question-3 on the ballot in next month’s election.”

The Center also announced that it will launch a campaign to approve a Constitutional Convention. A white-board video ad, in response to the union sponsored “no” video, along with other digital ads can be viewed at RIFreedom.org/YesConCon.

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