Rhode Island Employment Snapshot, May 2013: Steady Lack of Motion

Rhode Island’s unemployment rate notched back up a tenth of a percent, to 8.9%. As the charts below illustrate, it’s mainly an indication of stagnation. Some slight encouragement can be taken from the fact that it was a larger increase in the labor force than in employment that spurred the change, possibly meaning that people are a little more optimistic than they were.

The first chart below shows that the employment situation’s mild gyrations are pretty much sticking to a horizontal line of no improvement.

The second chart shows that the Ocean State still has a long way to go to reach its January 2007 level of employment, and once again remains well behind Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Connecticut has paused its free fall, however, and has at least secured a one-month reprieve from its plummet to a Rhode Island-like condition.



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