General Assembly Freedom Index – Bill Watchlist (Updated 6/21)

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity reviewed all legislation submitted this session (as of June 21), scoring each one with regard to its effect on freedom and, particularly, whether it would further contribute to or would begin to alleviate Rhode Island’s state of decline. In total, we are tracking 592 bills, with a total weighted score of -323, meaning that if all of the legislation were to pass, the overall effect on the state would be a negative one.

Note that this is a preliminary list. Upon the end of the legislative session, the Center will review all of the legislation for the accuracy of the descriptions (with and without amendments). We will also present all bills that receive floor votes to a review panel for final judgment concerning whether each bill is positive, negative, or neutral and what its weighting ought to be.

After opening the PDF, press ctrl-F to search for a bill. For vote tallies and bill travel, see

Download: General Assembly Freedom Index 2013 Preliminary Scored Bills (06/21)

Click here to see how legislators were scoring on floor votes as of May 22.

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