Policy Reform: School Choice, Special-Needs Scholarships, and School Grading System


Closing The Gap

“Bright Today” education reforms

Every child deserves not just a bright future, but also a bright today. Students will only be young once and cannot wait for long-term education reforms to take hold. Families must have choices in education, and we must close educational gaps now!

Options and Accountability

The State of Florida has blazed a new path for education reform, and Rhode Island should pay attention. Increasing parental choice as well as administrative and teacher accountability in multiple ways has rocketed the Sunshine State closer or beyond the Ocean State by multiple metrics. Florida’s gains among minorities, the disadvantaged, and the disabled cannot be ignored.

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“Bright Today” Scholarship Program for Special-Needs Students:

No student should be condemned to attend a failed school, especially the most vulnerable among us. The best way to serve the needs of a diverse population is to give families the freedom to choose the schools — public, private, or charter — that best fit their children’s needs.

Our Center’s school voucher recommendation for special-needs students is a good place to start in providing choice to Rhode Island families.

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Straightforward Grading of Schools:

However extensive their access to options, parents need a straightforward grading system to determine how their schools compare with others. This increased level of transparency will provide educators, legislators, and families with greater insight into school performance.


Related Information:

Does the RI Dep’t of Education’s School Report Card process give extra credit to schools that don’t have significant minority or special needs student subgroups?  See The Ocean State Current blog here … 

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