Justin Katz joins the RI Center for Freedom

The RI Center for Freedom is pleased to announce that Justin Katz, founder of the popular Anchor Rising blog, will serve as an outside contributor to the Center.
The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity also announced today that it has formed a special pension “Task Force”, comprised of national experts on state pension and budget issues.
 “What happens inRhode Islandwill not stay inRhode Islandwhen it comes to pension reform”, said Mike Stenhouse, CEO for the RI Center for Freedom. “What happens in our state is likely to set a national precedent when it comes to future public employee pension reform efforts in other states, and may be opposed by powerful national forces. Our task force will provide a valuable national perspective to our statewide debate”.

 The Task Force members, who will provide commentary and analysis and who may also offer to testify at  upcoming committee hearings in the General Assembly, include Bob Williams (President of State Budget Solutions), Jonathan Williams (Director Tax & Fiscal Policy for ALEC), Jagadeesh Gokhale (senior fellow at the CATO institute), and Eileen Norcross (senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center).

 Additional bio information for Task Force members can be found by visiting our Pension Reform page.

 The RI Center for Freedom also announced that it played a central role in securing a panelist position for Josh Barro, a state budget expert from the Manhattan Institute, at the special pension forum to be conducted this October 21, 2011 by RIPEC.