The State of Rhode Island and Government Plantations?

Rhode Island families understand that our quality of life can only be improved if more and better businesses are free to create more and better jobs!

Yet, our official state name could credibly be changed to “The State of Rhode Island and Government Plantations” … for this is what we have become! The masters of our self-installed government plantation not only believe that we work for them and their interests … but that they know what’s best for our interests. This government-centric approach crowds out private innovation and suppresses prosperity. These plantation elites believe that compassion and well-being should be measured by the number of people enrolled in their government assistance programs.

This is vision of the progressive-left. This year it is openly promoting job-killing, anti-business, and anti-family policies. Their so-called ‘fair shot agenda’ would transform our Ocean State into a liberal hell … where businesses face even higher legal risks and financial burdens, and where worker safety, absenteeism, and workplace productivity are compromised … making Rhode Island a less attractive place for employers and resulting in fewer good job opportunities for families. In reality, this is a “NO SHOT AGENDA” for Rhode Island.  Watch the video clip below …

With your support, our Center can save Rhode Island from progressive ANTI-JOBS agenda! Can you help us meet our goal of raising $5,000 so we can run radio and social media ads?

The four PROGRESSIVE legislative initiatives referenced in the audio clip above, are:

  • Increased hiring costs by significantly raising the state’s minimum wage (mulitple bills), costing many Rhode Islanders their jobs
  • Mandated “paid leave’ that will further burden every RI employer (H5413)
  • Free-college tuition that you and I have to pay for by keeping our taxes high (Governor’s budget)
  • Legalization of recreational use of marijuana (H5555) would harm family, societal, and workplace environments

The antidote to this liberal agenda is to CUT THE SALES TAX to 3.0% – boosting the economy, improving our state’s business climate, creating thousands of good paying jobs, and keeping more money in our own pockets so we can pay off our own college loans.


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