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7/26/16; WPRI 12; Rhode Island state agency deletes political tweet

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6/20/16; The Westerly Sun; Morgan announces re-election bid

6/20/16; The Providence Journal; Plans for a $40M commuter train station in Pawtucket hinges on U.S. grant

6/17/16; GoLocal Prov; Non-Profit ProvPort Paid $11 Million in Management Fees to For-Profit Company UPDATED

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4/15/16; GoLocal Prov; RI Unions Spent Over $350,000 Lobbying the Legislature

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1/28/16; The Providence Journal; New truck toll proposal calls for less borrowing, smaller tolls

1/28/16; WPRI 12; RI lawmakers’ bridge-repair plan has lower tolls, less borrowing

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1/6/16; GoLocal Prov; NEW: Toll Opponents Up Pressure at State House

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8/21/15; The Boston Globe; R.I. police still investigating Schilling’s video game company

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8/20/15; ABC 6; Court documents renew calls for 38 Studios investigation

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8/18/15; The Providence Journal; Additional public meetings on HPV vaccine scheduled

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8/17/15; The Valley Breeze; Protest against HPV mandate tonight

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4/30/15; Boston College Heights, For Marandola, Truman Is Next Step In Terms Of Service

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4/23/15; The Warwick Beacon; Bill would allow school choice, save city $2M, say advocates

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4/21/15; Providence Business News; Study: Bill providing funding for educational scholarship accounts won’t hurt public schools financially

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3/5/15; Fox Providence; Educational Choice Update on State of Mind

3/5/15; GoLocal Prov; NEW: School Choice Legislation to be Introduced for Education Savings Accounts for RI Families

3/4/15; The Providence Journal; Legislation would create voucher-like scholarships for R.I. public school students

2/27/15; The Heartland Institute; Where Are the ‘Young Invincibles’?

2/13/15; WPRI 12; Newsmakers: Education Commissioner Deborah Gist

2/12/15; Housing nonprofit hoards millions of dollars collected in anti-discrimination case, docs show

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2/4/15; GoLocal Prov; Ten Biggest Bills Facing the RI General Assembly in 2015

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2/1/15; The Providence Journal; House Speaker Mattiello cool on school choice

1/30/15; The Providence Journal; School-choice advocates push for more financial assistance

1/29/15; NBC 10; School choice supporters rally at State House

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12/11/14; The Providence Journal; RI Planning Council unanimously approves RhodeMap RI, adjourns meeting + Videos

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12/11/14; GoLocal Prov; NEW: RhodeMap RI Opposition Packs Meeting, Council Votes to Move Plan Forward

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11/28/14; The Providence Journal; Clarke Ryder: RhodeMap RI is déjà vu all over again

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11/25/14;; Is Orwell’s 1984 coming to Rhode Island?

11/23/14; GoLocal Prov; Providence One of America’s Most Financially Unequal Cities

11/19/14; The Providence Journal; Vote on RhodeMap RI, a new economic-development plan, postponed at House Speaker Mattiello’s request

11/19/14; NBC 10; House speaker wants RhodeMap delayed

11/18/14; The Providence Journal; No Need to Rush

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11/8/14; The Providence Journal; Lincoln Chafee: RhodeMap RI offers a great plan for the state

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10/29/14; The Brown Daily Herald; Ballot question aims to raise public transit funds

10/27/14; WPRI 12; Bishop takes abortion off the table for convention

10/27/14; RI Latino; Center to Submit Letter Opposing RhodeMapRI?

10/25/14; WPRI 12; Ted Nesi’s Saturday Morning Post: Oct. 25

10/24/14; RI NPR; Pro And Con On the ConCon

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10/7/14; WPRI 12; Approval of Ballot Question 6 would help mass transit

10/7/14; GoLocal Prov; RI Prison Population Spikes, Will Cost Millions to Budget

10/6/14; GoLocal Prov; RI Taxpayers Announce Fall Meeting

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9/5/14; The Fall River Herald News; Tiverton website for checking on government spending will serve as template for sites across the state

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8/19/14; RI NPR; RI ConCon Issue Simmers At Statehouse

8/15/14; ABC 6; Sales Tax Holiday in Massachusetts; Many Want it in Rhode Island, Too!

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7/30/14; GoLocal Prov; Unpaid Providence Police Detail Up 50% to Nearly $2 Million

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7/17/14; Providence Business News; Report: R.I. failing, near-failing in 41 of 52 economic measures

7/16/14; GoLocal Prov; NEW: Center for Freedom and Prosperity Report Card Gives RI Failing Grade

7/16/14; Kevin Mooney; Rhode Island Receives Poor Grades in Economic Standing, Business Climate, Report Shows

7/3/14; The Providence Journal; Mike Stenhouse: R.I. right to reject socialized medicine

7/1/14; The Providence Journal; U.S. Supreme Court dues ruling could cloud R.I. childcare workers’ first pact

6/30/14; The Providence Journal; U.S. Supreme Court labor decision could impact R.I. childcare union

6/26;14; The Providence Journal; Harry Staley, advocate for R.I. taxpayers, dies at 83

6/20/14; The; Rhode Island Looks to Convert Health Exchange into Government Dependency Portal

6/20/14;  RI NPR; Scott MacKay Commentary: Chafee, Lawmakers Approve Moderate Budget

6/11/14; The Providence Journal; Mike Stenhouse: Two out of three not good enough for R.I.

6/6/14; WPRI 12; Business leaders praise lawmakers’ budget

6/6/14; RI NPR; House Finance Committee Passes $8.7 Billion Budget

6/5/14; WPRI 12; Mike Stenhouse on State of Mind

6/3/14; NBC 10; Report recommended against state-run health exchange

6/3/14; RI NPR; Lt. Gov. Defends HealthSource RI

5/29/14; The Providence Journal; House finance panel hears debate over bill that would abolish HealthSource RI

5/29/14; The Providence Journal; At State House rally, groups oppose repaying 38 Studios bonds

5/28/14; GoLocalProv; RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity to Challenge Claims at Healthcare Exchange Hearing

5/28/14; The Island Packet; House panel weighs abandoning HealthSource RI

5/28/14; WPRI 12; Feds drop $4.6M demand to fund HealthSource RI

5/27/14; WPRI 12; Congressional delegation weighs in on HealthSource RI

5/22/14; FORBES;  Small State, Big Consequences: Will Rhode Island Be The First With a ‘Functional’ State-Based Exchange To Switch To

5/17/14; GoLocal Prov; Critics Blast Access to Open Records in Providence

5/13/14; The Valley Breeze; TOM WARD – At Statehouse, fundamental misunderstanding of how jobs, revenue are created

5/12/14; The Providence Journal; Jay Robbins: The only proper role of government

5/9/14; The Providence Journal; Mike Stenhouse: Left won’t defend failed R.I. policies

5/9/14; The Salt Report; Rhode Island –Governor Norquist Supports A Sales Tax Rate Reduction From 7% to 3%

5/7/14;; Grover Norquist Embraces Rhode Island Proposal to Cut Sales Tax

5/6/14; The Valley Breeze; A small step toward clarity

5/4/14; The Providence Journal; Political Scene: R.I. pols got around, from Miami to Moscow

4/30/14; GoLocal Prov; NEW: RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity Releases 2013 Scorecard

4/28/14; GoLocal Prov;  Top Progressives and Conservatives Debate the RI Economy

4/25/14; GoLocal Prov; LIVE STREAM: Center for Freedom and Prosperity Debate

4/25/14; The Providence Journal; Public policy forum Saturday at URI

4/23/14; The Providence Phoenix; Is Our Government Bloated?

4/19/14; NBC 10; Public policy debate scheduled at URI

4/18/14; GoLocal Prov; Mattiello Receives Vote of Confidence from RI Business Leaders

4/17/14; GoLocal Prov; Two Thirds of State Legal Work Goes to Two Firms

4/15/14; The Providence Journal; Tax-day Tea Party rally draws 70 to RI State House

4/15/14; GoLocal Prov; Rhode Island Pension Reform Showdown – Who Will Prevail?

4/12/14; The Providence Journal; Kathie Shields: Workforce development is not a waste of money

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