As part of its mission to expose the foolishness and wreckage that progressive-left bills can wreak on our State, actual legislation that was submitted in 2017 or 2018 is listed below.

Progressive Bad Bills Of The Week

As part of our mission to expose the make believe fantasies that progressive-left legislation can wreak on our State, actual legislation that was submitted in 2017 or 2018 is listed below.  Already ranking a dismal 45th on Family Prosperity Index, the broadest national research ever conducted on overall family well-being, the bills below, if enacted into law would make conditions even worse for Ocean State businesses and families.

The progressive-left wants to place further burdens on employers and envisions that many Rhode Islanders should strive no higher than survival at some meager, government-defined level of existence. We know Rhode Islanders deserve better. Clear, consistent, and limited government maximizes innovation and competition.

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Gender Pay Equity Myth


Tear Down That Wall!


Net Neutrality

Political Correctness

Single Payer

Perpetual Contracts

Cigarette Tax

If Rhode Island were to work towards a pro-growth, lower tax and regulatory business climate, there is no reason to believe our state could not share in the same dynamic economic growth that we are now seeing across America. With national jobless claims at 40 year lows, with record low African American unemployment, and with Hispanic unemployment also approaching historic lows, it is a win-win situation for Rhode Island to consider meaningful tax cuts and regulatory reforms. In the real world, free-market forces, not overly burdensome government regulations, are the best way to ensure that Rhode Island becomes a place where families can prosper.