Rhode Island State House. McKim, Mead, and White, constructed 1895 to 1904.

Weekly Bills Spotlight

As part of its Freedom Index watch, our Center rates certain bills that infringe upon or expand our liberties and therefore restrict or enhance our opportunities for prosperity. In 2016, Rhode Island ranked a dismal 48th on Family Prosperity Index, the broadest national research ever conducted on overall family well-being. For each of the past 5 years, the RI General Assembly has passed more bills that weaken our freedoms than bills that enhance our prosperity. Each bill receives a (-3) to (+3) rating based on the degree and impact to which they affect our liberties.

Rated bills appear below. Click on a column heading to sort. Click on “Overview” to sort by bill rating.

The Freedom Index examines legislators’ votes in terms of their likely effect on the free market, the size and scope of government, the balance of residents’ interests against those of public employees and beneficiaries, and the constitutional structure of a divided government with limited power over the people whom it represents.