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Stenhouse commentary: Legislative Grants – Cheers to 10 Lawmakers, Shame on You

Commentary: CEO Stenhouse congratulates 10 lawmakers who have resisted immoral legislative grants, and rips the public policy culture they perpetuate. See the video on The Ocean State Current Good day Rhode Island, I’m Mike Stenhouse with the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity welcoming you to our debate series, “What’s really in your best interests?”. […]

JOI a Better Metric than Unemployment Rate

UPDATED WITH APRIL’S NUMBERS! There is no JOI in Mudville … Ocean State strikes out – ranking 48th – in in the Center’s new Jobs & Opportunity Index of economic well-being, despite recent celebrations of traditional unemployment rate. JOI was designed to help lawmakers craft better policy. Get more JOI here

Center Receives Farm Bureau Award For Anti-RhodeMap RI Work

Center Feted for Raising Awareness about HUD & Federal Intrusion November 19, 2015, Alpine Country Club in Cranston, RI The RI Center for Freedom for Prosperity Accepts the RI Farm Bureau’s 2015 Navigator Award The award recognized the Center “for being the faithful and undaunting watchdog and protector of freedom and prosperity granted to all Rhode Islanders,” […]

P3: a Compelling Delivery Model for Governor’s Proposed Infrastructure Upgrades

A P3 Model would bypass the troubled RI DOT and enable a private sector partner to deliver vital bridge and road repairs in a timelier, safer, and less costly manner. WOULD REMOVE ALL RISK OF COST OVER-RUNS FROM RHODE ISLANDERS! [button url=”http://www.rifreedom.org/p3/” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”royalblue” ] Read the Policy Report [/button]

PolitiFact RI Should be Condemned for Ruling on Center’s HPV Statement

Commentary PolitiFact RI Should be Sentenced to Journalistic Death Once again twists truth to support pre-determined ruling The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity calls on the Providence Journal to issue a death sentence to its PolitFact RI kangaroo court. Time after time, in defending the status quo, the so-called “Truth-o-meter” has used tortuously twisted […]

Governor’s BOND & TOLL plan will waste over $650 million

PAY-AS-YOU-GO a Superior Approach. The plan under consideration would more than double the cost of the project and would enrich special-interests without any added benefit for Rhode Islanders. The Center’s new report shows how to make RhodeWorks “work” for Rhode Island. [button url=”http://rifreedom.org/2015/07/making-rhodeworks-work-for-rhode-islanders/” target=”_self” size=”medium” style=”royalblue” ] Read the PayGo Report here [/button]