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Progressive Land of Make Believe Bad Bill of the Week: Perpetual Contracts

They’re back! Once again unions are pushing for legislation that would give them even more leverage when it comes to negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements for government workers. House bills 7198, 7633, and 7634 would grant all or some public employee unions an unfair advantage by keeping in place all existing collective bargaining provisions until a […]

Progressive Bad Bill Of The Week: Make Believe Net Neutrality

This week we highlight yet another issue where the progressive-Democrats want government to control another aspect of our lives … this time, the Internet … with the issue being Net Neutrality. Two related bills, S2008 and H7422, introduced by progressive-left Democrats attempts to solve what is nothing more than a make believe problem. Sponsored by […]

Imaginary Discrimination Bill “Progressive Land of Make Believe Bad Bill of the Week”

Pretend Discrimination Bill H7150 This week’s bad bill is a thorny issue; but one that highlights yet another danger of the progressive-left’s agenda to control our lives via a government driven by political correctness. In our American society, this means a direct threat to free speech and free thought. House Bill H7150 is the epitome of […]

Massive Deficits: The State’s Budget is the Enemy of the People

BACKGROUND: Should the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of Rhode Island families be limited by an arbitrary, politically driven budget number at the bottom of a spreadsheet? Unfortunately, our state is now suffering the consequences of such an approach, dragged-down by the progressive-left’s big-spending agenda; as projected economic growth has not materialized, leaving the state with […]

Stenhouse Testimony on Justice Reinvestment Initiative Bills

The PDF below is the written testimony submitted on January 31, 2017 to the House Judiciary Committee by the Center’s CEO, Mike Stenhouse, with regard to the House package of bills recommended by the state’s Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI). The testimony follows the prior day’s release of the Center’s Right on Crime policy brief, which […]

Executive Assistant

Job Description THE POSITION: The Center is seeking to hire an Executive Assistant (EA), on a part-time contractor basis, who will assist the CEO in achieving the organization’s development, coalition building, and other outreach goals. The position’s mission is to ensure that key partners are contacted and regularly updated on the Center’s various initiatives. The primary […]

Farmland Acquisition in Rhode Island: Stealing the American Dream?

At the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s (DEM’s) second of three workshops to publicly review new rules by which the state agency will buy and resell private farmland, the overwhelming majority of the audience had serious concerns about the state’s plan. A few farmers actually walked out in protest. The only apparent supporters were […]

LAWSUIT: Center calls on RI Attorney General to release “secrecy pact” documents re. cabal’s climate change inquisition

Center Assists National Group in Climate Change ‘Secrecy Pact’ Document Suit Against Rhode Island Attorney General,  who’s denial of Open Records Request – part of collusion to shut-down political dissent – is Being Legally Challenged. Senator Whitehouse-Led Enemies-of-Free-Speech Conspiracy Cited as Reprehensible