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STATEMENT: Bizarre & Inadequate Response to Voter Registration Controversy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: High Profile Orgs & Individuals Defend Broken Status Quo Even After Admission of Wrongdoing by S.O.S. Renews Call for Governor to Appoint an Independent Investigator Providence, RI – Even after a statement from Rhode Island’s Secretary of State acknowledging that the research released yesterday by Ken Block exposed a problem that needs […]

Center Calls for Independent Investigation to Look Into Rhode Island Voter Registration Irregularities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Center Calls on Governor, Attorney General to Initiate Independent Investigation Into Potential Illegal Voter Registration Practices Resignations In Order? Bi-Partisan Support for Investigation and Comprehensive Election Reform Analysis   Providence, RI – Following the release today of city-by-city and district-by-district voter registration and 2016 election voting research by Ken Block, via his […]

Statement on Exeter’s Mini RhodeMapRI Proposed Ordinance; Public Hearing Tonight

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 26, 2017 Exeter Planners Plan to Restrict Property Rights? Farmland Sustainability Cannot be Achieved via Regulation Providence, RI – Tonight, residents and farmers in the town of Exeter will once again turn out en masse to speak out against a proposed new ordinance that would restrict property rights for landowners. According […]

Statement on General Assembly Special Session: Negatives Outweigh Positives

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 20, 2017 Negative Measures Outweigh Positive Steps State Would Have Been Better Off Had Lawmakers Stayed Home Providence, RI – Capitulation to the harmful progressive-Democrat agenda was enough to turn what might have been a positive special fall session of the state’s General Assembly into a net negative. This according to […]

Alexion & Benny’s Shock; General Assembly Special September Session; Mandated Paid Leave, Criminal Justice Reform, Hair-Braider Freedom & More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 12, 2017 Benny’s and Alexion Should Serve as Shock to the Status Quo Special Fall Session: Mandated Paid Leave Would be Yet Another Suffocating Burden on Rhode Island Businesses Providence, RI — After the reality-shock of announced job losses from Benny’s and Alexion, and when the General Assembly reconvenes next week, […]

Center: Progressive Policies Root Cause of Electricity Rate Hikes on RI Families

STATEMENT – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 7, 2017 As forewarned, Progressive Energy Agenda Hurting RI Families in their Pocketbooks Increased Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity Would Bring Rates Down Providence, RI – Already ranking a dismal 45th in overall family prosperity, Rhode Islanders will soon suffer from a 16-21% increase on their electricity bills, making matters […]

STATEMENT: Center Blasts “Truck Toll Tyranny” as Bullying by RIDOT

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 17, 2017 State to Restrict Free Movement of Goods? Heavy-Handed Totalitarian Measure Seen as Preemptive Strike to Force Truckers to Pay Future Tolls Providence, RI – In a heavy-handed edict, reminiscent of soviet-style totalitarianism, the state of Rhode Island is seeking to restrict the free-flow of goods and commerce by restricting […]

15 Progressive Bills would Cost Rhode Islanders over Six BILLION Dollars

PROGRESSIVE TIDAL WAVE of New Costs ? Opportunities for Rhode Island families to move up the income ladder and achieve a better quality of life would be threatened if the progressive-left’s agenda were to be fully implemented. Already drowning from a 45th rank in business climate and overall family prosperity, Ocean Staters would be asked […]

Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI), June 2017: Employment Estimates and Income Diverge

Having skipped a month, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity registered a larger amount of movement in its Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI), but improvements in the Ocean State’s employment picture were undone by loss of income. Additionally, the state’s reduction in SNAP enrollees — which may be indicative of distribution problems, rather than […]