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Statement on Infosys Announcement: Small Businesses Should Be the Focus

Pro Small Business Measures Would Benefit Ocean State More than Infosys-Type Corporate Welfare Federal Tax Reforms Could Open Door for Real Economic Growth Providence, RI – Just days after touting “Small Business Saturday” the Raimondo administration has heaped additional tax burdens on employers and taxpayers in the Ocean State by doling out tens of millions […]

Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI), October 2017: A Mixed Report for the Wrong Reasons

Covering a two-month span, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI) for October includes new numbers for eight of 12 datapoints, leaving the Ocean State in 49th place, nationally. The results are somewhat mixed, with some improved and some worsened, but it isn’t clear that the improvements indicate positive changes […]

Center Calls for Four RI Board Of Elections Officials to Step Down as Violation of Federal Election Law Now Clear

BOE Officials Involved in Unlawful 2008 Rules Change Should Step Down or Be Removed Renewed calls for independent investigation, House & Senate Oversight hearings Providence, RI – With the lawyer for the RI Board of Elections (BOE) all but admitting that the state has not been in compliance with federal law since the BOE adopted […]

Statement on President Trump’s Tax Reform Plan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 2, 2017 Ocean Staters, Families, and Businesses To Benefit Promise of Tax Cuts and Opportunities for Bigger Paychecks Superior to State’s Current Corporate Welfare Strategy Providence, RI – The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity praises the tax reform plan released today by the US House of Representatives as one […]

Secretary of State’s Comments on Election Integrity Misleading and Inadequate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 1, 2017 Secretary Of State Gorbea Ignores Core Question Multiple Fabrications Serve to Deepen Concerns About a Cover-up Providence, RI – By failing to addresses the core question, by making false assertions, and by citing irrelevant data, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity called yesterday’s statement by Secretary Of State (SOS), Nellie Gorbea, misleading and […]

Statement on R.I.D.E. Mandate on Transgender Protections

Center Urges Broader, Science-based Discussion on proposed K-12 Transgender Mandate 2016 Guidance Document Extends Far Beyond Discussion of Bullying and Rights Providence, RI – Ostensibly professing to protect students from bullying and to respect all students, if the the RI Department of Education (RIDE) submits draft regulations this evening anywhere close to its June 2016 […]

Unlawful BOE Rules Changes? Center Calls for Oversight Hearings, in Addition to Independent Investigation, to Look Into Rhode Island Election Irregularities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 9, 2017 Board of Election Rules Changes Designed to Lessen Election Integrity in Rhode Island? In RI, possible to apply, be registered, and vote without ever providing legally required personally identifying information? Center adds call for House Oversight hearings, in addition to Independent Investigation, re. apparent election irregularities Providence, RI – […]

STATEMENT: Bizarre & Inadequate Response to Voter Registration Controversy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: High Profile Orgs & Individuals Defend Broken Status Quo Even After Admission of Wrongdoing by S.O.S. Renews Call for Governor to Appoint an Independent Investigator Providence, RI – Even after a statement from Rhode Island’s Secretary of State acknowledging that the research released yesterday by Ken Block exposed a problem that needs […]

Center Calls for Independent Investigation to Look Into Rhode Island Voter Registration Irregularities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Center Calls on Governor, Attorney General to Initiate Independent Investigation Into Potential Illegal Voter Registration Practices Resignations In Order? Bi-Partisan Support for Investigation and Comprehensive Election Reform Analysis   Providence, RI – Following the release today of city-by-city and district-by-district voter registration and 2016 election voting research by Ken Block, via his […]