Center Issues Statement on Governor’s State of the State Address


January 16, 2018

“Keep Going” Strategy Headed in Wrong Direction

Tax and Spend Polices Will Continue to Keep Ocean State Lagging Behend

Providence, RI – Unfortunately, the Governor wants to “keep going” with her tax and spend policies; specifically her taxpayer-subsidized corporate welfare scheme that benefits only a few insider companies; a program that is not fiscally sustainable and cannot possibly create enough good-paying jobs to make a difference for enough Ocean State families.

Conversely, the House Minority Leader’s call for an improved overall business climate – that will help every business – is the more sound approach to real economic growth. The Center does appreciate that the Governor indirectly supported the Speaker of the House’s encouraging call for regulatory reform as one means to improve the business climate, and so that every Rhode Islander is afforded the #RIghtToEarn a living of their choice.

The Governor’s call for MASSIVE new spending on school infrastructure, without indicating how it will be paid for, is reminiscent of her initial call for bridge and road upgrades; we wonder what new toll, tax, or fee might be imposed on Rhode Island families and businesses.

A more detailed statement will ensue following the release of the Governor’s proposed budget.

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