You're Hired! A Positive Vision for RI Stands In Contrast To The Progressive Agenda

Center Announces “Hey Dude 2” Spoof Ad Campaign Against Paid-Time-Off & Progressive Agenda


Hey Dude Spot #2 Portrays Positive Vision for RI vs. Progressive’s Negative Vision in Original Spoof

Ad Buy Announced

Providence, RI – Imagine businesses popping-up all over the state with happy and gainfully employed workers.

This is the positive vision for Rhode Island put forth by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, which today published its second “Hey Dude” ad-spot, after its first spoof spot went viral on social media and earned a front-page Providence Journal headline. Both spots can be found at

The 2nd spot portrays an up-beat full-time worker welcoming out-of-state shoppers in a dynamic state economy that boomed after lawmakers cut the sales tax and rejected the free-paid-time-off mandate and other anti-employer “no shot” legislative items. The young man earns enough to pay off his own college loans, even while his employer pays him a reasonable wage. He honestly loves his home state of Rhode Island for the real opportunities he’s been afforded.

This is opposed to the the negative vision of the progressive-left painted by the original “Hey Dude” spot. Featured in that spot is a stoned young woman, disinterested in her part-time job. Instead, she decides not to show up for work and laughs about how she can take advantage of recently passed laws that allow her to skip work without notice, still get paid a mandated high wage rate, and even have her college tuition paid for by the state… all while she sits at home and does nothing. She sarcastically wisecracks how great she thinks this is.

The ad-spots are part of a campaign by the Center and other groups to Save Rhode Island from the destructive policies being advanced by progressive left lawmakers. Both spots and other information can be found at

Advertising Buy. The Center also announced today that it has successfully raised enough funds to run the 2nd spot on multiple radio stations, on cable television, and on social media, likely beginning within a week. More details will be provided after all advertising purchases have been finalized. Social media ads for the original spot have been running for weeks.

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